Our Approach

Policy Impacts You

What elected leaders say and do can have a profound impact on your business or organization. HGA designs and executes strategic and comprehensive solutions based on decades of expertise an help you work with government effectively. When businesses or organizations face complex challenges, the professionals at HGA design and execute comprehensive solutions, delivering unparalleled expertise on both substantive issues and complicated process.

Broad laws can have ripple effects impacting businesses and associations in a variety of ways.

HGA’s expertise in policy, specifically around policy affecting businesses and trade associations, reduces and sometimes eliminates the changes your business will need to comply with new laws.

HGA has its fingers on the pulse of what legislators and policymakers are planning before, during and after the Colorado Legislature session.

The Colorado Legislative session lasts 120 days, but there is a lot happening behind the scenes before and after each session. You need professionals who are in the know and respond quickly to your interests.

Our Story

Attorney and lobbyist Larry Hudson founded Hudson Government Affairs, LLC (HGA), a Colorado-based lobbying firm, in February 2010.  The firm was renamed Hilltop Government Affairs LLC in October 2020.

HGA’s vision is to provide effective and results-driven lobbying, governmental affairs and legislative counsel to companies and non-profit organizations before the Colorado General Assembly and Executive Branch. Additionally, HGA establishes relationships between its clients and elected officials to educate and advocate for its clients’ positions on core issues impacting their operations in Colorado.

Meet the Team

Larry Hudson

Founder & President

What sets Larry apart from other lobbyists is having a legal background.  Law and politics intersect everyday at the Capitol and being a licensed attorney brings not only a trained eye to look through what is written in a bill but its impact on an industry and potential constitutional problems.  Additionally, Larry brings a higher level of ethical professional responsibility requirements his clients find exceptionally important in a profession that sometimes breeds unethical behavior.

Larry’s always enjoyed the political and policy world and invested the early part of his career working on political campaigns while attending law school to assist his learning and yearning for a profession in lobbying and governmental affairs.

Larry’s personal mission is to advocate for those business leaders and employees who otherwise cannot spend time at the State Capitol defending or advancing legislative issues that may hinder or advance their interests.  It is here where HGA provides the greatest service to the business community.

As part of his strong beliefs and government relationships, some of the results he’s accomplished for clients are:

  • Secured four (4)  gubernatorial vetoes in one session
  • Lead business lobbyist on data security and privacy, public records access, employment discrimination, employee benefits, and government contracts
  • Lead grocery retail lobbyist on the passage of sweeping retail alcohol sales reform legislation since Prohibition

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